Park Geun-hye

Femme's & Women’s History Month: Park Geun-hye


Park Geun-hye was inaugurated as South Korea's first woman president after her election in 2012. Park Geun-hye is the daughter of former South Korean President Park Chung-hee, who ruled the country from 1961 to 1979. Geun-hye is the embodiment of a woman of immense courage and resolve. In 1974, her mother was assassinated and subsequently at the age of 22 she was sworn in as the first woman of South Korea in her mother's place.  That same year she graduated from Sogang University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Five years after the murder of her mother her father was also assassinated.

These tragedies did not thwart the successes of young Park Geun-hye. Park continued to gain influence in the political realm of South Korea following her term as first lady. She was appointed to the position of vice chairperson of the Grand National Party in 1998 and began serving in the National Assembly the same year. She currently serves as the 18th president of South Korea.

Geun-hye gracefully navigates complicated nature of diplomacy in South Korea, striving for national unity while maintaining caution as it concerns North Korea. In recognition of her many accomplishments she has been declared #46 the most powerful people and #11 on their list of most powerful women by Forbes Magazine in 2014.

"Different times need different types of leadership." - Park Geun-hye

Women’s History Month 3.12.15 Park Geun-hye