WHM: Myam Mahmoud


Women’s History Month: Myam Mahmoud


Myam Mahmoud is an Egyptian rapper and activist. We featured Mahmoud in August as our first HER Artist of the Week for her unique style of musical activism. As a contender on the show Arabs Got Talent, Mahmoud used her fame as a platform to rap about womens’ rights. She continues her efforts as accomplished artist, women's rights activist and student.

She uses her music as a mechanism to spread awareness about the societal acceptance of sexual harassment and assault.  Her inspirational lyrics condemn the notions of victim blaming and gender inequality.

In her song "It's My Right," she asserts that it is well within the rights of women to be able to dress however they want, exercise wherever and whenever they want, and do so without fear of rape or harassment.

An excerpt from Myam Mahmoud's "It's My Right" in Arabic:

من حقى اجرى الصبح بدرى من غير تعليقات فصيلة

فيها ايه لو اركب عجلة وميتقالش دى بت هبلة

طب ليه علشان البس فستان يبقى لازم مناسبة

مش هموت لحد ما افهم مفهوم الحرية

Myam Mahmoud's "It's My Right" in English:

"I have the right to go running early in the morning without silly comments. What will happen if I ride a bike without it being said: “This stupid girl!” Why, when I wear a dress, does it need to be a special occasion? I won't die until I know the definition of freedom."

Check out Myam Mahmoud’s music here: SoundCloud and make sure to like her page on Facebook.

Women’s History Month 3.11.15 Myam Mahmoud