#United4Coverage with All* Above All

Equality for HER is proud to kick off its partnership with All* Above All during the United for Abortion Coverage Week of Action. Equality for HER and All* Above All have a bold vision – that each of us to should be able to make decisions about pregnancy and parenting that are best for our families without political interference. 

The Hyde Amendment

Since the passage of the Hyde amendment in 1976, Congress has withheld coverage for abortion services from women insured through the Medicaid program. Currently, nearly 1 in 7 women of reproductive age (15-44) is insured through the program, and this will rise as the Affordable Care Act is implemented. Restricting Medicaid coverage of abortion forces one in four women to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

We must #BeBold and #EndHyde!

All* Above All Mission Statement

All* Above All unites organizations and individuals to build support for lifting the bans that deny abortion coverage.  Our vision is to restore public insurance coverage so that every woman, however much she makes, can get affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it. 

The name All* Above All reflects our positive and powerful belief that each of us, not just some of us, must be able to make the important decision of whether to end a pregnancy. For too long, politicians have been allowed to deny a woman’s abortion coverage just because she is poor. We believe that the amount of money a woman has or doesn’t have should not prohibit her from having an abortion. We are uniting so every woman can make her own reproductive health decisions without political interference. We are standing up to say “enough.” Join us.


Hyde Amendment Fact Sheet