The Mirabal Sisters


Women's History Month - March 24th

Known as ‘the Butterflies’ during their involvement with the anti-Trujillo underground, Patria, Minerva, and Maria-Teresa Mirabal, were key members in the fight end Rafael Trujillo's dictatorship. Dictator Trujillo felt his regime was threatened by the power and influence of the Mirabal Sisters. Two of the sisters were incarcerated and tortured on numerous occasions but never relented in their fight. On the night of November 25th 1960, the dictator’s henchmen captured the three women during their return from visiting their husbands in prison. The unarmed sisters attempted to flee but were brutally strangled and beaten to death. Trujillo believed that by ending their lives he had ended their influence. His plan backfired; the deaths of the Mirabal sisters caused public outrage throughout the Dominican Republic and paved the way for Trujillo’s assassination 6 months later. The memory of the Mirabal Sisters lives on.  The anniversary of their death, November 25th, is officially commemorated each year as the International Day Against Violence Against Women.