Myam Mahmoud


HER Artist of the Week is a weekly feature on musicians and songs that encourage fair treatment of women and do not advocate for violence against women. After all if all you're listening to is music that has a negative message toward, you may start repeating it. So, Equality for HER is featuring music that sends a healthy message Myam MahmoudMeet Myam Mahmoud, accomplished artist and the first HER Artist of the Week! Mahmoud is a 19 year old Egyptian, who competed on Arabs Got Talent.

She has used her music as a mechanism to spread awareness about Egypt's troubles with sexual harassment. Like her page: Myam thoughts and click on the link below to listen to her. Check out the translation here.

"I realized all the male rappers must have a track in which they talk about girls and their clothes, blaming girls for everything happening around us. That wasn't right. So I rapped about girls and the problems they face." - Myam Mahmoud

Check out Myam's music here: SoundCloud

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