Munira Abukar


Munira Abukar is running for city Council in ward two in Toronto, Canada.  During the campaign, some of her campaign signs were defaced with racist and hateful messages.  The words "go back home," and "bitch" scrawled in red marker across the campaign posters, serve as a reminder that racism is far from gone. Abukar is a 22-year-old political activist and graduate of Ryerson University in Canada. City Council candidate Munira Abukar a sign that was vandalized with racist graffiti. (DAVE THOMAS/Toronto Sun)

Munira's bravery and passion for becoming part of the political scene is inspiring, yet she is dealing with racial discrimination and xenophobia that can only be described as deplorable.  As I learned more about her story the more I felt that I had to get in touch with her. After a simple direct message on Twitter, Equality for HER was announcing that an interview was in the works. Check out a little preview of what we discussed and make sure to follow Munira Abukar on Twitter and Facebook for the latest in her campaign.