Laverne Cox


Women's History Month - March 7th

Laverne Cox is an actress, television producer, and human rights advocate. She stars in Orange is the New Black on Netflix as Sophia Burset, and produced/starred in the American reality show TRANSform Me. She became the first transgender woman of color to produce and star in her own show. As a person of color who is also transgender, she offers a new perspective of life to people. With the amount of press and critical acclaim that Orange is the New Black received, it allowed Ms. Cox to open a door that was closed, locked, held shut for a long time. It would be easy to say that her just being present is a shift in the wind of entertainment today. And it can also be easily said  that wind will become a gust with the talent and knowledge that Ms. Cox so beautifully wields. On November 2013, Cox received the Reader's Choice Award at Out magazine's “OUT 100 Gala”. She also received the Anti-Violence Project’s Courage Award in 2013.