Femme Founders: Danielle Bahi, Bahi Cosmetics

Danielle Bahi is a creative goddess, professional make-up artist, and the Femme Founder of Bahi Cosmetics. 

My name is Danielle Bahi and I am the owner of Bahi Cosmetics. I was born in the Mediterranean but raised in Ivory Coast, where my parents are from. I'm only 20 years old but I am very determined. I managing my academic career, attending college, and working as a freelance makeup artist.  as I run a full fledged makeup brand. Everyday is a learning process for me. Bahi Cosmetics is a very personal endeavor for me, it was created for people of all shades, complexions, and races with a special emphasis on uplifting dark skinned Black women who are often unable to find makeup that works for them.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by my Caribbean and African roots and the herbalist tradition of our foremothers. Before there was Lancôme or Proactiv to manage skincare, there were natural minerals, oils, and plants that helped herbalist create what they needed. My goal is to use the herbalist tradition of the past to create natural modern cosmetics that work for all women of color.

What distinguishes your brand, Bahi Cosmetics, from other products and companies?  

My company is made from creative mindsets, we see the business and creative side of all aspects. & we are creating products what are effective in what they do. Another distinction is that I developed these products myself. I spent a long time testing them on myself and my friends, making sure that they are free of harsh acids and are cruelty-free. Bahi Cosmetics products are paraben-free and 100% natural. Like my grandmother taught me, if you can't pronounce the ingredient in it or find it in a normal store for purchase, it shouldn't be on your skin!

What’s your take on the state of Black women in the beauty industry? 

Black women are golden and magical. There needs more black women representation in the industry. We are not just a trend. As a Black woman, I was tired of makeup companies putting women of color into one category, or ignoring us all together.  I decided to create a series of products that caters not only to everyone, but to us too. 

What are some challenges and victories you’ve experienced starting Bahi Cosmetics?

We made it to NYFW, we have created a supporting loving family and we have achieved so much in just two months of being on the market. As far as challenges, recently we posted an image in support of the movement for Black lives. My team and I were eager to show our deep support of Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately we were accused of exploiting Black Lives Matter for capitalist ends but this allegation could not be farther from the truth.

Our model, Blair Imani, actually threw up the Black power fist last minute allowing our photographer Syranno to capture the iconic image. As you know, Blair is an activist so the use of this image felt authentic. 

I feel its very important that we uplift the movement and we uplift brands that are created for ALL Black people, not just light, not only dark. Bahi Cosmetics is a Black-woman owned brand and we must invest in our own communities and businesses.

 Tell me about some of the collaborations Bahi Cosmetics has done

I have collaborated with the founder of Equality for HER, Blair Imani, and I regularly work with the immensely talented Tyrone “Syranno” Wilkens. I am always looking to collaborate and I encourage everyone to become a part of the Bahi family. 

Whether you're a beauty influencer who wants to work with us, a model, or someone interested in helping us improve our line, you can fill out the form on our site here: Join Bahi Family. At Bahi, we love to give everyone the opportunity to work with us.  More collaborations are coming soon so remember to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop!

@BahiCosmetic's timeline is popping. How do you achieve the perfect balance of promoting your own products and featuring femmes who are on the come up in the make-up game?

We try our best honestly. It's not an easy job trying to promote and feature people but we have found that by promoting creative talent, our products have been promoted as well. We recently hit 10k followers on Twitter!

What advice would you give to someone launching a new company?

Don't worry about funds and prepare yourself. Don't limit yourself. Follow your gut and stay true to yourself.

How can we support your business?

Let everyone know that Bahi Cosmetics is a Black owned business, selling affordable, high-quality cosmetics products that work on each and every beautiful shade of the human race. Shop with us online at BahiCosmetics.com and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Like you said, our timeline is always poppin' so it's worth it I promise. When you do buy from us, help promote the brand by posting your looks and tagging us online. 

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