bell hooks


Women's History Month - March 28th

Born Gloria Jean Watkins, bell hooks is one of the predominant voices of postmodern feminism, race and social activist discourse today. bell hooks took her pen name from her great grandmother, who was known for “her snappy and bold tongue”. Most who have read her numerous works or have heard hook’s words of wisdom would agree that she lives up to her chosen name. bell hooks demands in her works that the public does not passively comply with the supremacist, patriarchal, and oppressive system that has ruled society for many generations, and instead work towards building loving communities that benefit all. These views have caused bell hooks to be labeled as controversial by liberal and conservative voices, but as a visionary by many others. bell hooks has written over 30 books on topics including race, gender and sexuality; Some of her most noted titles are Ain’t I a Woman?, We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity, and Feminism is for Everybody. bell hooks is also a distinguished educator, and has taught at Yale, Oberlin College, and the City College of New York. Currently, she lends her voice to several mediums, including film, magazines, and most recently, Twitter. bell hooks is one of Utne Reader’s 100 Visionaries Who Could Change Your Life, and has been recognized by many societies for her contributions to literature and social justice.