Femme Founders: Antoinette Brock, The Name Project

Antoinette Brock is a photographer, writer, director, and videographer from Los Angeles, CA. Brock earned both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Teaching from Howard University in Washington D.C.

In 2013, Antoinette moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she lived in the Vidigal Favela and created Don.t Throw Away the Crust (DTAC).  DTAC is a brand that highlights the cultures of the marginalized communities of the world through documentary photography, editorial and video.   Her most recent work is a documentary series called The Name Project which explores how our names shape our character and the role it plays in our identity.  The Name Project was exhibited in the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center's Crosslines: A Culture Lab on Intersectionality in the Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building and was also featured at Equality for HER's Femme Film Festival in June 2016.