Session 3 Interns

June 16th - August 8th

Session Three of the Equality for HER Internship Program runs from June 16th to August 8th. The internship is focused on skill cultivation and professional development. Participants receive Equality for HER's syllabus, course material, and access to exclusive webinars from a variety of experts. Key course material includes trainings and workshops on Inclusive Language, Digital Storytelling, Personal Branding, and Networking.

At the conclusion of the internship, the participants are invited to create a final project for publishing on the Equality for HER media platform.

Meet the Session 3 Interns

Patricia Enriquez

Patricia Enriquez is a sixteen year old student writer. She is an advocate that is dedicated to raising awareness for social issues, strives to uphold femme identifying individuals, and works to provide insight on the subject matter.
At the age of eight she moved from the Philippines to the US, where she first developed her love for writing. She is currently enrolled in an art school to forward her artistic endeavors, and seeks to continue writing diverse narratives to highlight the necessity of inclusion.


Sophia Lockwood

Sophia Lockwood is from Atlanta, GA, but she attends school at Villanova University located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She is currently majoring in history with a sociology, peace and justice, and gender and women's studies minor. She enjoys being a part of activism on her campus while finding time to knit and write poetry in her free time.  Volunteering is a lrge part of her life at Villanova, whether it be at a tutor within Philadelphia's schools, or lending a hand on campus.

Alyssa Cruz

Alyssa Cruz is senior at Achievement First University Prep High School in Brooklyn New York. She has been chief editor of her school newspaper for 3 consecutive years, her articles focus on women's rights and education. Her experiences range from college programs at NYU and an internship in which she helped a starter elementary charter school become established through her organization and leadership skills and leadership with the administrative team.


Emily Warshauer

Emily Warshauer is a student at Hamilton College. Her major focuses are on wealth and poverty, gender, and globalization. In addition to her work with Equality for HER, she also interns at the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver. Outside of her work with gender and social activism, Emily works with music and arts. She is on the board of her college radio station and runs an organization that brings bands to campus. She’s interested in femme inclusion and representation and how it may have larger impacts in fighting systems of oppression. Professionally, she hopes to create pathways out of systems of marginalization and to alleviate the pressures of injustice.

Tatiana Amaya

Tatiana Amaya is a 16-year-old enrolled at Mastery Charter Shoemaker High School. Amaya is working toward attending Harvard University in the Fall of 2019. Each and every day Tatiana tries to take steps that will allow her life and the lives of her peers to improve. Recognizing that she is growing up in such a divided world where many individuals are afraid to be themselves, Tatiana has become inspired to work to obtain social justice. 


Kristen White

Kristen White is a 22-year-old woman pursuing a degree in communication studies at Louisiana State University. She hopes to pursue a career that involves her interests in music, art and elevating her community. Kristen's passion for community building has resulted in her having a leadership role in an organization called the Minority Women's Movement, an organization dedicated to uplifting minority female students on campus. With this internship, Kristen desires to strengthen her writing, marketing and personal branding skills.

Mariama Jalloh

Mariama Jalloh is a 21-year-old Fulani Muslim from the Bronx of New York City. She is currently a senior at the University of Virginia where she is double majoring in Foreign Affairs and African-American and African Studies with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. Mariama is very passionate about social justice and after graduation she hopes to do advocacy work that supports and brings a voice to marginalized communities.