Session 2 Interns

May 8th - June 30th

Session Two of the Equality for HER Internship Program runs from May 8th to June 30th. The internship is focused on skill cultivation and professional development. Participants receive Equality for HER's syllabus, course material, and access to exclusive webinars from a variety of experts. Key course material includes trainings and workshops on Inclusive Language, Digital Storytelling,  Personal Branding, and Networking.

At the conclusion of the internship, the participants are invited to create a final project for publishing on the Equality for HER media platform.

Meet the Session Two Interns

Anisa Yudawanti

Anisa is an Indonesian Muslim American studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is in her second year of pursuing a double major in Human Development and Family Studies and Education Policy Studies. Anisa hopes to pursue a career in the realm of public policy to improve the education system for people and families of color. Anisa has a passion for social justice, disrupting white spaces and uplifting the voices of those who have been silenced and supporting her communities through activism. 

Aya Jowhar

Aya J. is an educator, a graduate student (Master of Education) from Ontario, Canada.  She is interested and passionate in bringing diverse voices within the education sphere -specifically girls education- media production, filmmaking, and literature writing. 


Zeinab Barry

Zeinab Barry is a 22-year-old Fula Muslim woman from London. Barry is a Masters student studying Chemistry. She is passionate about furthering her knowledge on people of various identities and cultures and she spend the majority of her time reading up on current events. Through the internship, Zeinab hopes to learn more about how she can contribute towards improving the position of marginalised femmes from various intersections in society. 

Mariel Limón

Mariel Limón is a Mexican-American first generation student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying psychology while pursuing minors in Women and Gender Studies as well as Ethnic Studies.  Mariel's increased interest in gender and social justice issues has showed her just how much work needs to be done in every community.  Recently she's been interested in learning how to better communicate within her communities along while spreading knowledge that will help young womxn pursue education after high school.


Olivia Landgraff

Olivia Landgraff is a 16-year-old high school student in Chicago. She is passionate about elevating voices; which she has pursued by co-organizing a TEDx event, bridging the gap between specialized and general education students as a founding member of the group “Acting For Change”, and as an editor of her school’s Literary Magazine. Olivia also volunteers as a liner at the National Runaway Safeline, an organization that helps keep America’s runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth safe and off the streets.

Dani Young

Dani Young is an African American woman studying creative writing and photography. Her interest in social justice was sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement. She hasn’t stopped since--organizing protests and rallies on the way. As as a creative, Dani uses her writing and art to give voice to those who are not heard or cannot speak. She hopes to travel to gather more stories to share with the world.