May Day: A Photo Series by Dev Springer

The photos in this photo essay are the the result of the past four years of protesting and activism in Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to focus on the act of labor that protesting is, particularly focusing on the labor that Black women historically devote to liberation movements. The photos show queer, Muslim, elderly, disabled, trans, and immigrant women all at the forefront of different battles and devoting their time and energy to various causes for liberation. 

May Day, or International Workers' Day, is a day created by socialists and communists to celebrate the working class and laborers. May Day is a day of international protesting as well as celebration, focused on the workers of the world. What better way to commemorate the ideals of celebrating the working class and protesting than to uplift the efforts of Black women, who can be found at the center of almost all liberation movements? To make space for Black women on a day which celebrates laborers should only seem natural, because Black women's labor is invaluable but often unnoticed and erased. The intent of putting together this photo essay was to show the energy, time, and passion they have put into protesting in the past few years, and giving a visual opportunity for people to see that that in itself is a labor we all benefit from.