Creative Director: Jenn Solo

Art by Jenn Solo

Art by Jenn Solo

By now you may have seen the vibrant artwork that accompanies each of our stories on Equality for HER. All of artwork (outside of Modern HERstory) is created by Jenn Solo. We are pleased to announce that Jenn Solo now serves as the Creative Director for Equality for HER, a role in which she supervises the artistic direction of our original content. 

Jenn Solo is an artist and illustrator who works in a variety of mediums ranging from oil paint to collage, with a large focus in digital art.  Her work spans many different styles and touches on many different subjects/themes. She has attended both the Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute and is currently a part of the New Blood Shift 2017, hosted by D&AD. She is not afraid to address social issues including race, LGBTQ and women’s rights and is passionate about making an impact with her artwork.

Equality for HER: When did you start calling yourself an artist?

Jenn Solo: I didn't start calling myself an artist until others starting viewing me as such. I have been doing art and crafting since I was old enough to use my hands. I first considered myself a hobbyist because I was only creating art for myself, but once I started sharing my work I felt more like an artist.

EFH: Are you a full time artist?

JS: Right now, I freelance but I hope to move into that role. I have a full time day job and I hope to move from being a freelancer to being a full time artist. I have so many freelance gigs that I feel like I need to make a decision. I hope that as Creative Director of Equality for HER I can start to take more steps towards my goal.

EFH: Did you formally study art?

JS: I went to FIT and Pratt Institute. I didn't necessarily go to get a degree but to develop myself as an artist by learning from skilled professionals. I was able to build relationships with other artists and it was an amazing opportunity to build my networks and abilities.

EFH: What do you like about being the Creative Director of Equality for HER?

JS: I love the fact that I get to illustrate events and things that are happening in everyday life. Words are very impactful but art cannot be ignored. I like having a role where I can help catch people's eyes and make them stop and click on the story and learn something new.

EFH: What is your artistic process?

JS: I sit with the themes and descriptions of the articles and let the images come to mind organically. Then, I draw them!

Q: What has been your biggest artistic challenge?

JS: Consistency. Inspiration. It's hard to find inspiration in everything. Even when I am in dark places in my life and making artwork feels forced it's important to keep creating. I try to stay consistent in what I produce.

You can connect with Jenn Solo on Twitter and view more of her work at